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Celebrate Spring With These Home Energy-Saving Tips

The arrival of spring means warmer days, singing birds and beautiful blooms. You can bring even more cheer to the season by lowering your energy costs with a few simple

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How Can an Energy Recovery Ventilator Benefit Your Home?

Homeowners today should focus on maintaining indoor energy efficiency in order to reduce utility costs. Unfortunately, an unwanted side effect of air sealing is that indoor air quality may suffer. However,

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5 HVAC Air Duct Principles All Homeowners Should Understand

Your ductwork is very important to your home’s health. This is because it’s responsible for circulating the air from your HVAC system throughout the rest of your home. As such, ducts need to operate

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Simple Ways to Make Your Oil Furnace Burn Less Oil This Winter

Oil furnaces help keep your home warm and comfortable during the cold winter months. Unfortunately, the homes we choose to live in may not come with the most efficient furnaces. Follow these tips

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Energy Conservation and Energy Efficiency: 2 Important But Different Aims for Ontario

Reducing energy usage in your Owen Sound home not only lowers your utility bills, but it also helps protect the environment. Energy conservation and energy efficiency can reduce energy usage,

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Try These Simple Remedies for Greater Warmth This Winter

With fall nearly here and winter not far behind, homeowners are looking for ways to keep their home warm without increasing energy bills. Thankfully, the following simple remedies for greater

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Don’t Cool the Outside with Air Leaks — Weatherize Your Home Right Now

If your Owen Sound home is leaking indoor air outside, you’re paying money to condition the outdoors. Everyone can agree that this is a pointless endeavor, but without proper air sealing, it’s

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Surge Protectors Work Wonders for Your Energy Savings: Learn How

Surge protectors are familiar to most of us, usually as power strips that we have our computers plugged into. Did you know, however, that whole-house surge protectors also can benefit

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Make Sure You Are Maintaining Your Heat Pump This Summer

Heat pumps are energy-efficient heating systems, but they also provide efficient cooling during the summer season when properly maintained. As you are writing your spring-cleaning checklist, remember to add maintenance for your

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Energy Star Urges Homeowners to Make Their Homes More Efficient

The Energy Star programme gives consumers a number of ideas on how to save energy in their homes when using heating and cooling systems. It’s important to follow guidelines such as

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